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Expressions of Suffering
: People


Anna Leppo , MSc
Department of Sociology, University of Helsinki

I: Suffering, social memory and the Karelian heart

Annika Lillrank, Ph.D
Department of Social Policy, University of Helsinki

E: Experiencing back pain - a study of men and women with back pain

Juha Soivio, MA
Department of Cultural Anthropology, PhD. candidate

B: Biomedicine and experiences: the construction(s) of ischaemic heart disease in Finnish contexts (2002 - 2004)

Marja-Liisa Honkasalo, MD., PhD.
Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies, fellow, Dept. Public Health, docent

A: Suffering, social memory and the Karelian heart

Marja Tiilikainen, PhD
Department of Comparative Religion

G: Diaspora and everyday Islam - Somali women's experiences of health, illness and healing

Salome Tuomaala, MA
Department of Comparative Religion, University of Helsinki

H: Abortion, Embodiment, Gender and the Sacred

Susanne Ådahl, PhD
Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology, University of Helsinki

D: Good Lives, Hidden Miseries. An Ethnography of Uncertainty in a Finnish Village

Terhi Utriainen, PhD.
Department of Comparative Religion, Post doctoral research fellow (Academy of Finland)

F: The Religious Nude - Metaphors of nakedness and dress as expressions of suffering and identity

Vilma Hänninen, PhD.
Department of Social Psychology

C: Narratives of depression

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