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Expressions of Suffering
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2007/06/12    SUSANNE

Within the research project "Expressions of Suffering" the most recent PhD thesis to be published, "Good Lives, Hidden Miseries. An Ethnography of Uncertainty in a Finnish Village" is that of Susanne Ådahl on the changing life circumstances of farmers inhabiting coastal villages in south west Finland. The thesis discusses the theory of social suffering and ponders the applicability of the term in light of empirical material collected among Finnish farmers. The author provides her own perspective on how to extend the concept of social suffering and to apply it to a context rooted in a rural community and to the core values of farming life. She stresses that suffering is not only about struggle and the fragmentation of core values and social order, but that it also has a constructive, positive and enabling side to it. For a more detailed summary of the thesis and information on a electronic link to the whole thesis please look in the "people" section of this homepage.

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