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Expressions of Suffering
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PhD Course in Medical Anthropology in Tarragona, Spain

2004/12/17    SUSANNE

The course totals 33 ECTS credits (21 ECTS year 1 and 12 ECTS year 2). The first year is based on a core of four compulsory courses, scheduled over a one-week period in Tarragona which are the following: Cultural Diversity, Power and Health (November 2005); Culture Suffering and Mental Health (November, 2005); Anthropology and International Health (March 2006); Medical Anthropology: Methodology and Theory (May 2006). Additionally students may take three optional courses offered in a number of locations around Spain. In the second year students attend a tutorial course and develop a PhD project.

For more information please refer to the website: and/or contact the course convener:

Josep M. Comelles, e-mail:
tel: +34977 559748, fax: +34977 559597

Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies
P.O. Box 4, FIN-00014 University of Helsinki
E-Mail:, Telephone: +358-9-191 23915, +358-9-2989516