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A dissertation on Abanyole perceptions on death
MA Ezekiel Alembi: "The Construction of the Abanyole Perceptions on Death Through Oral Funeral Poetry"  2002/10/04

Medical anthropology visible at the EASA conference in Copenhagen in August
Medical anthropologists attending the 7th biennial conference of EASA, August 14-17, 2002 could contentedly conclude that workshops dealing with various aspects of medical anthropology were numerous - so numerous, in fact, that it was impossible to attend all the sessions that tickled our fancy. All  2002/09/17

Doctoral Thesis on Mental Health and Drug Advertising
Ulrica Lövdahl, A sociologist trained at Åbo Akademi in Finland recently defended her dissertation on "The Social Construction of Mental Health in Nordic Psychotropic Drug Advertising".  2002/01/22

EASA Conference in Copenhagen 14-17.8, 2002
In Copenhagen in August the European Association of Social Anthropologists is organising the 7th biennial conference on Engaging the World: Theoretical,Methodological and Political Challenges for a 21st Century. Anthropology  2002/01/22

An interesting seminar
The III Nordic Seminar in Medical Anthropology in March  2002/01/08

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